Training your dog is a significant step in keeping and maintaining a healthy, active, and happy dog. If you think your dog misbehaves when someone new walks in the door or someone rings the bell, it may be time to train your dog. Keep reading to find out ways you can qualify your dogs in a happy environment. 

Ways to train your dogs for better behavior include 

Exercise them 

One of the best times for training your dogs is right after they have been exercised. A tired dog is much more patient and willing to learn. Whereas, a hyper and unexercised dog will often misbehave or not pay enough attention for training. You must exercise your dog adequately before every training session. Dogs become smarter and more obedient with exercise and are willing to listen to the owner a lot more. 

Use real food 

Using treats consisting of real food like a whole chicken or other meat is one of the most excellent treats. You should be using these kinds of foods as treats as your dog will be more inclined to follow what you communicate if they love the treat itself. And by using things like real chicken, which tastes delicious to dogs, your training session will be more successful. 

Train at different locations

The reason many people will not see results from training sessions with their dogs is because of training at only one location. As a dog owner, you should train your dogs at different locations from time to time. The distractions at every location can help them overcome their short attention spans and be prepared for training anytime, anywhere. It is helpful for more hyper dogs. 

Ending thoughts 

As discussed, these tips can for sure help new dog owners reinforce positive behavior training skills. No more having to hit a dog ever again. 



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