A cat is a very playful animal. However, when they meet their own species, they may end up fighting and hurting themselves.

Sometimes, when two cats fight while biting each other, their teeth penetrate the other cat’s body. Other times, it may happen, one cat scratches the other one, and their nails full of bacterias penetrate the other one’s skin.

This is how a cat gets hurt, and due to the presence of bacteria, the wound is filled with pus gradually. Afterward, when the injury breaks, pus will come out from the cat, which is normal.

Find below how you can help your cat when such a situation happens.



Here’s What You Need to Do to Help Your Cat Heal


Clean the Wound

Firstly, when you see pus coming out, you need to put on a pair of gloves, get some water, and clean cloth.

Afterward, you need to push the cat’s skin where the wound is found and ensure to remove more pus.

Put Oxygenated Water and Povidone-iodine Solution

When you have a cat home, it’s always an excellent idea to keep oxygenated water and a povidone-iodine solution to disinfect the skin properly.

Note: You need not apply Oxygenated Water daily. You can use solely the povidone-iodine solution daily.

Constantly Keep an Eye

When your cat is wounded, it’s advisable always to keep an eye on the wound. Additionally, it’s normal to see a big hole on your cat’s skin since their skin is not the same as the human body. You may notice the hole getting bigger; however, you need not worry since this is how a cat heals.


It may take up to 2 weeks for a big wound to heal completely. Therefore, you need to ensure the cat stays at home in a clean place and is not getting in contact with other animals.



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